Covid-19 Policies

Below you can find everything we’re doing to keep you and our staff safe during the current pandemic.


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Care Cleaning has established policies and procedures to help protect both our clients and employees as much as possible. We have consulted with multiple health care professionals in order to come up with the best guidance. We know some of this isn’t convenient but in these times it is necessary for everyone’s safety.

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Covid-19 Safety Rules


  • Covid-19 Training: All of our employees are certified in a COVID-19 training program and will follow all of the CDC guidelines in the strictest ways possible. We also keep up-to-date on all new developments and safety precautions and discuss them regularly with our staff.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: We have invested in extra personal protective gear– face masks, gloves, shoe coverings, hand sanitizer– and our cleaning equipment does not travel from house to house without being sanitized. Each house has fresh mopheads, rags, and dusters.
  • Closed Door Policy” OR “Separate Floor Policy”: Ideally no one is home when your appointment is scheduled. However, if you are not able to leave your home, anyone at home must be behind a “closed door” so that no personal interaction can take place. Separate floor policy means anyone home remains on a separate floor than the cleaner for the entire appointment and when it’s time to swap, they communicate from a safe distance briefly to switch floors.
  • Scheduled Appointment Slots: You will have a two hour window for arrival so that you can make any plans to either leave your home or we will help you come up with a plan beforehand to work around one another.
  • Transparency: To our knowledge, no one in our company has been exposed to COVID-19. In order to best adhere to the CDC’s “contact and trace guidelines,” we both expect and promise complete transparency between our company and our clients with respect to COVID-19 exposure.
  • Equipment & Supplies – While we have always been careful to not set equipment on counters & to keep it clean, we have added the additional measure that we will be cleaning the caddies and vacuum bases with disinfectant before and after each home is cleaned. 
  • Gloves – Our Team Members have always worn gloves while cleaning and change them as needed.  We also have disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer in our vehicles, so that your cleaning technicians can sanitize their hands between homes as needed, in addition to normal hand washing practices.
  • Sick Policy – We have modified our policies during this time to encourage team members to stay at home, if they exhibit any symptoms of the virus. Since our teams meet at the office each morning, we check temperature of every team member to make sure they are well, and we will send them home if they are not. 

*NOTE: We are not currently equipped at this time to clean, sanitize or disinfect any homes or buildings that have positive COVID-19 cases within the last 10 days.

Our main goal and vision during this time is to honor our commitment to provide a fun and safe work environment for our cleaning team members. Likewise, we want to provide a clean, sanitary and peaceful home environment for our clients. To do this, we ask that if any clients have a household member who is exhibiting flu like symptoms, or have been exposed to someone with flu-like symptoms, please notify our office immediately, so we can reschedule cleanings until after they are well. 

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